Could Warner Bros. Support HD DVD Next?

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It seems that Blu-Ray has become the local whipping boy in the format wars. has an article talking about how this holiday season may actually be the end of the war and Blu-Ray will lose. Now it has been a long time since anyone predicted Blu-Ray losing this format war but they do make some very good arguments.

It does not look as though there will be any 1.1 compliant Blu-Ray player available in 2007. While it is possible that the PS3 can be upgraded to 1.1 specs via a firmware upgrade, that has not been confirmed by Sony. With this being the case, one must wonder why Disney is going ahead with releasing Cars and
Ratatouie in November with interactive features that no player can play.

and then

the Paramount/Dreamworks announcement and the fact that Warner is not shipping any new hi-def media until next week while continuing to extol the virtues of HDi interactivity on
HD DVD on their website, one can only wonder if a HD-DVD exclusivity announcement will be made by Warner Brothers at CEDIA. If that comes to pass, can Fox and Disney afford to at least go neutral?

Could Blu-Ray possibly have thrown away their best chance of winning this war?

‘The Whip’: Could Warner Bros. Support HD DVD Next?

Last Updated: August 30, 2007

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