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Dell expands on its G7 Gaming Laptop range with new 15″ and 17″ models

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Dell recently announced a range of new gaming PCs and peripherals, including an RGB keyboard, a curved monitor, and a new desktop. Its biggest announcement came in the form of a new G7 gaming laptop, which is Dell’s gaming machine for the mid-segment market. i.e. A powerful machine that is still expensive but doesn’t require a mortgage to just get its entry-level version. Think of it as a gaming laptop that makes your console buddies still feel friendly towards you.

The new G7 (as revealed in The Verge) receives a stylish new redesign from the previous models. Not only is it thinner, but it also features a neatly coloured LED on the front of the deck, with bezels that have shrunk considerably. In other words, perfect for not just playing games, but looking cool too. Something which will be needed to comfort yourself with after you repeatedly lose at Fortnite.

Good looks do not make a gaming machine though, with the laptops (which will come in two sizes – 15 inches and 17 inches) offering a 10th Gen Intel CPU up to an i9, along with Nvidia GeForce GPUs up to an RTX 2070 Max-Q on the G7 15 and a 2070 Super on the G7 17. The laptop also features a four-zone RGB keyboard along with a dedicated “game shift” macro key that boosts the fans into what Dell calls “dynamic performance mode” for demanding periods of gaming.

All features that should aid the gaming experience. The best part is the price as both models will be launching in the US next week at a price of $1429 (R25 000). Locally, it’ll be available in September and should provide some decent gaming firepower at a reasonable price if the import costs don’t get out of hand.

Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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