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Facebook making UI changes to place more emphasis on Groups and Events

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Sometimes change is good and for Facebook, it is probably needed for some people to trust the social media network a little more. Sadly, this is not the aspect that Facebook is working on, as instead, it looks we will be getting more UI enhancements, with the company, starting today, given users an option to opt-in on a new desktop site which places a heavier emphasis on Facebook’s most critical features: events and groups. Yes, in a time when events are getting cancelled and governments want us to avoid groups, Facebook is wanting to take up the digital challenge of providing this instead.

The Verge has details on the design change, with the new layout designed to give quicker access to some major Facebook features and employs a cleaner, simpler design with more generous amounts of white space, removing the current cluttered look, though still retaining much of the same appearance as before.

Starting today, the majority of people on Facebook will have access to the new desktop design. People can opt-in to try out the new design before it becomes default later this year.

The redesign also includes larger fonts and sleeker icons, a dark mode, and a simplified layout with fewer columns of information to look at. Facebook Stories have been moved above the “Update Status” box, while just above the “Stories” section, there’s a redesigned menu bar housing several tabs previously found in the left-hand corner of the screen, such as Events and Marketplace.

The most significant change though is arguably the new “Groups” tab located on the redesigned menu bar. Clicking on the tab will bring you to a personalized feed of updates from groups you are a member of while also suggesting groups for you to join based on your interests.

I’m not a massive fan of Facebook though I do still use it for keeping in touch with people. Ironically, I don’t use many o these ewer features that are getting focused on here, but I guess people will probably feel the need to socialise virtually with people now more than ever and Facebook could easily see an uptick in usage for these features, with or without a new UI.

Last Updated: March 20, 2020

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