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Fitbit is adding snore detection to its devices

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While sleep might be one of the most important aspects of our health, it’s not something that many people have the luxury of always getting a lot of. If they’re not suffering from some form of insomnia, then there are things like incredible work stress, crying babies, disruptive dogs or – perhaps worst – snoring partners that are interrupting their precious beauty sleep.

And while some of those are simple aspects of life that need to be endured or are medical problems that people should get treatment for, technology is trying to help with the latter aspect, as Fitbit is looking to add snoring and noise detection to its devices to help identify when people might be struggling with snoring and could potentially have an underlying health problem. And mercifully, perhaps help their partners to get sleep.

According to 9to5Google, the new feature will look to analyse nose levels and try to identify specific snore sounds. Of course, its big challenge is that it will not necessarily be able to determine where those snoring noises are coming from and whether its yourself or your partner. It’s also not clear exactly what users are supposed to do with this information, though perhaps just acknowledgement that there may be a frequent problem combined with various other heart rate measurements may eventually lead to great information collection and diagnosis. Though, seeking the assistance of a specialist is always the preferred approach.

It’s also recommended that white noise is reduced in the bedroom environment to enable the device to better detect noise levels. Something which itself may help to induce a better sleep.

The company is also considering using certain “sleep animals” to help represent the peacefulness of your sleep, for instance, a restless sleeper would be a bear, a short sleeper would be a hummingbird, a solid sleeper would be a tortoise. This feature is still in development though and subject to change.

The new feature is also not available to all Fitbit’s yet and will be slowly rolled out to users as the company continues to test the effectiveness of the new feature.

Last Updated: June 1, 2021

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