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Gemtracks Music Freelance Platform Review

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Since it’s inception in 2016, Gemtracks has made constant headlines for its innovative approach for combining technology and music. The platform allows anyone thinking of joining the entertainment industry as a recording artist to get access to original beats, hire freelance songwriters, book recording studios and submit songs to playlists. So far, The Jerusalem Post, Business Insider and Ventures Africa are among some top tier publications to have covered Gemtracks.

The website was founded by DJ Jesse Neo and Milana Leybovich, whom together, have more than 20 years of combined experience in the industry, working with brands such as Disney, Spinnin’ Record and MixMash.

What is Gemtracks

To simply put it, Gemtracks is a marketplace for music creators. These creators can range from experienced singers to those starting out. The website allows them to hire freelance musicians to create instrumentals, write lyrics, book recording studios and even market the finished songs on Spotify. The hallmark of the platform is that everything produced comes with its copyright and intellectual property transferred to the buyer. This means the artist who commissioned the work won’t have to pay any royalties when the song gets released.

However, today Gemtracks is more than just a marketplace. It has been rolling out new services such as a music database, a web builder, and even a tool to find similar songs. What at first seemed to become a marketplace is now becoming a social website for musicians to network and gain new knowledge.

Beat Marketplace

It is pretty obvious that their flagship service right now is their beat marketplace. The website hosts a collection of music producers that have pre-created original beats and lists them for sale at only $149 each. Once a beat is sold, it is removed from Gemtracks forever. Whether or not this price is a good deal would depend on the seller and buyer. The buyer may see this as a smart move to reduce any legal liabilities of having to pay royalties when the song gets released. The seller may see it is a quick way to get cash and dismiss the idea of ever earning more than $149 if the song ends up generating millions of dollars.

Freelance Marketplace

After purchasing a beat, the artist is then able to contact industry-known songwriters, audio engineers and instrumentalists to continue working on their songs. The freelancers are divided into three levels: High-End, Experienced and Novice. All services are charged at the same price, depending on the freelancer level you are seeking. This makes the marketplace concentrate more about quality than be a race to see who can offer the cheaper price.

Playlist Submission

The third most popular service offered by Gemtracks is their music submission feature where artists can get their songs pitched to music curators that run Spotify playlists, are social media influencers, or own music blogs. Again, every curator is equally priced, based on similar statistics. For example, all Spotify playlist with similar followers and likes would be priced the same.


Gemtracks is an excellent marketplace that offers a complete ecosystem for artists to enter the music industry. The prices are put in a way that it emphasizes the quality of the work done, instead of the price. Based on testimonials on the website, not only have musicians benefited from the website, but also filmmakers and pretty much anyone that needs professional music. 

Last Updated: June 27, 2022

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