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Gigabyte launches a trio of massive gaming monitors

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When it comes to PC setups, the question for me personally is less about what size monitors I need and rather how many monitors I need. As I use my machine almost exclusively for work, it matters to me that I have multiple monitors on my desk so that I can multitask and get all the things done in a day.

When it comes to gaming, most gamers will probably prefer to ditch those other monitors and rather focus on the size of their viewing experience. Which is something that Gigabyte’s new range of gaming monitors for its Aorus brand has plenty of as the company announced three new screens that come in TV sizes of 32, 43, and 48 inches. With the latter arguably too big to be placed on a desk, and much better off when viewed from a distance against the wall.

According to a press statement released posted by VideoCardz, all three monitors will feature HDMI 2.1 connectivity and VESA’s HDR 1000 standard, which will give them an incredible 0.5ms response time, making them one of the faster 4K gaming monitors on the market. Additionally, the 32- and 43-inch versions will feature 144Hz panels while the larger 48-inch OLED model drops the refresh rate to 120Hz, which is understandable to try and maintain that speed. Prices for the new monitors have yet to be released, but I would expect them to be worth a few kidneys when they are announced.

Gigabyte may call these new products “desktop monitors” but given their sizes and with most people not needing a TV receiver anymore (which sadly SABC has also figured out) thanks to streaming services they are perhaps best used when attached to a new gaming console and viewed from a distance rather than taking up all the space on your desk. Though I’m sure many of you will still try anyway.

Last Updated: April 15, 2021

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