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Google and Disney have created a Mandalorian “AR experience”

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Can’t get enough of The Mandalorian and need something to tide you over between the weekly wait for new episodes? Google and Disney have teamed up to provide the perfect solution with a new AR experience that will allow people to bring the Mandalorian experience right into their living rooms.

The new app, which is built into Google’s ARCore development platform for creating augmented reality experiences, will put users in the “shoes of a bounty hunter following the trail of Mando himself, Din Djarin, and The Child.” Yes, that last part will mean that Baby Yoda himself will be involved, unsurprising considering how the character is practically a license for Disney to print money through its different merchandising channels.

Disney didn’tt go into too much detail on how the game itself will work, but no doubt people seeing a part of Star Wars inside their own living rooms should be enough for them to want to download this. The app will also be getting weekly updates from newly released episodes, so that different characters, events, and models can be brought in from the show as they are released.

Sadly though, the app is only going to be available for 5G Android devices, and only a small list of those particular devices are supported. Something which doesn’t make a lot of sense given that this should not need a 5G connection to perform optimally at all. Perhaps this gives both Disney an opportunity to sell more toys and Google an opportunity to sell more mobile devices. This is their way.

Last Updated: November 25, 2020

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