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Google’s making big performance changes to Chrome

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Google is learning from Microsoft how to create a browser that works well, remains speedy, and doesn’t chow up all your RAM. In a new blog post, the company revealed how it’s are wrapping up the year by releasing the biggest performance enhancements that the company has ever made to its Chrome browser, with a host of under-the-hood changes and optimisations.

The first big change will be in how the browser works with tabs, prioritising the active tab over the others in the background which they claim will reduce “CPU usage by up to 5x and extending battery life by up to 1.25 hours”. In a more detailed Chrome blog post, the company reveals more details on how they were able to throttle JavaScript to be able to implement most of these changes while still allowing background features like playing music or getting notifications to still be prioritised by the browser.

It’s not just an enhanced overall performance in usage but even just opening the browser should feel faster – 25 percent faster according to the company – while pages will load 7 percent faster and use less RAM and lower than before – though the company doesn’t give specific metrics on these last two, so we may need to keep a close eye on that CPU usage when we do upgrade to the latest version and see if it really does make a difference for ourselves.

In terms of functionality, the new update will also include a new tab search for those who don’t know how to close their tabs and keep far too many open at any given time. The address bar will also be getting a nifty new feature where users can type select Chrome Actions like “edit passwords” or “delete history” directly into the browser to bring up the respective pages that will help them to do this – other than needing to navigate to these pages through the menu.

Chrome will also get some enhancements and optimisations to support Apple new Big Sur OS system and hopefully improve its performance on that OS too, though new Mac users will already have the new M1 processor to thank for their machines improved performance.

They say competition brings out the best in companies and ever since Microsoft has moved over to Chromium and released a superior Edge browser, it’s great to see Google step up and try and make big improvements to Chrome.

Last Updated: November 20, 2020

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