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Google’s Assistant Driving Mode seems to be coming to Android devices

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Mobile navigation apps have become useful tools in helping people find new places (or navigate to parts of their cities that they should know by now but have become too reliant on technology telling them where to go). The biggest problem is that they can be quite difficult to use without being too distracted by the other things you use your phone for.

Which is one of the reasons why Google announced that they were working on a new Google Assistant Driving Mode back in 2019 to help make the whole experience a little bit more driver-friendly. The new implementation was supposed to bring many of the features already found in cars with big touchscreens to the Android experience with Google using their ownership of Waze to allow users to report crashes, stopped vehicles, and do other Waze-y things all while only using their voice, while also allowing access to other hands-free functions in the background too. And all without needing a user to actually touch the phone as just saying “Hey, Google, let’s drive.”, was meant to set up the new dashboard and start the process of finding out where the driver wants to go and help them get there with as little fuss as possible.

It’s taken Google a long time to work on this, but according to a new report from XDA-Developers, the feature has started to surface on several devices showing that Google is beta testing it and hopefully ready to launch the feature soon. It’s not clear exactly what features will be coming though until Google officially announces it, but hopefully it will make things far easier for people to start driving places without needing to look at their phone.

People looking at phones while driving is already a risky enough problem on the roads and anything that can prevent this dangerous distraction would certainly help. Or people could simply just learn that answering that call, reading that message, or selecting something on their phone is not as important as their lives and those of all the other road users around them.

Last Updated: October 20, 2020

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