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Grammarly now integrates with Word on a MacBook

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As someone who writes a lot, I have a big need for tools that can help improve my grammar. Yes, I perhaps should already have my grammar in order as a writer, but with limited time and fingers that lead to far too many typos, its great to have technology that can catch all those things that my eyes might not immediately see.

Grammarly is one of those applications that I rely on for most of my writing, as it picks up many of my mistakes before I even submit them, although it doesn’t stop a few from slipping through. Grammarly is a service that most writers probably make use of, but one subsection of writers that have struggled in the past are those on MacBook’s utilising Microsoft Word.

Previously, Mac users had to use a native Grammarly app, an online Grammarly Editor or else rely on the service’s browser extension, meaning they wouldn’t get the other benefits of writing in Word or potentially needing to regularly copy the text back and forth between the two. However, the company has now revealed (via The Verge) that they have a Word extension that will now work for MacBook users too.

Now users will be able to do all their writing in Word and get the full benefit of Grammarly that is available on Windows with the service pointing out all their flaws on the right-hand side as they continue typing. Yes, I get it Grammarly, I made another mistake just typing this.

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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