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How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone

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Does your iPhone sometimes behave like you are touching it, even though you aren’t? If the touchscreen is not quite working properly, and buttons are being pressed on the screen that you are not activating, then you may have a ghost touch problem. So you may be wondering how to fix ghost touch on iPhone, so we thought we’d outline how to go about doing this.

Start by shutting the phone down, and then you can follow the steps below in the order they are listed. I have written them down in the order of most likely, to least likely.

1. Clean the iPhone Screen (Most Common Fix on How to Fix Ghost Touch on iPhone)

The most likely cause of this issue is that the touchscreen is dirty. There could be oils or dirt on the screen that are applying pressure, and making the sensitive components think that you are trying to use the touchscreen.

To clean your iPhone screen and hopefully eliminate the problem, you should first wipe the screen with a dry microfiber cloth, or any other cloth designed to clean sensitive electronics (use this guide here).

If there is anything stuck to the screen, or it still looks dirty after you wipe it clean, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean it more thoroughly. Make sure all the water is wrung out of the cloth, and consider using isopropyl alcohol to dampen the cloth rather than water, says GoodHousekeeping. This will protect the sensitive electronics in your iPhone.

2. Take off the Protector and Case

If you are still noticing the ghost touch issue after you clean the phone, there could be additional causes behind the problem. If your phone has a screen protector, take that off, and you should take the phone completely out of its case, if it is inside one. Then, clean the screen again. Before putting the phone back into the case, clean the phone case thoroughly. There may be debris stuck to the inside of the case that is causing the issue.

You shouldn’t replace the same screen protector after you have taken it off and cleaned the phone. Once the phone is completely dry, you can place a new screen protector the phone. After everything is back in place, turn on the phone, and check it again to see if it is still experiencing any issues.

3. Restart the Phone

The final troubleshooting method you can try is to restart the phone. Sometimes, going through the restart process will help to eliminate bugs by refreshing the phone. The ghost touch issue isn’t always a physical problem. It could be an electronic fault, and restarting the phone could fix that.

You can also try clearing the cache, eliminating unnecessary files, and deleting apps you don’t recognize.

If you are still having problems, though, and your phone is still acting like you are touching it when you aren’t, then you may need to take it to a iphone repair specialist to have it looked at, says rapidiphone.repair. Most of the time, ghost touch is something that you can fix on your own by following the simple steps up above, but sometimes you will need more technical help. Do you have any other advice on how to fix ghost touch on iPhone? Let us know below!

Last Updated: June 8, 2022

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