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Huawei will show off its Mate X2 folding phone on February 22

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While I like the thought of a device that can unfold into a bigger form factor should it ever be needed, I’ve yet to see a folding phone that truly justifies the massive expense of its cutting edge screen. Or one that can last longer than a year without some form of damage. That hasn’t stopped Samsung from touting its flagship Galaxy Fold, which made significant improvements on its predecessor, and now its Huawei’s turn to reveal what its next take on the concept will do to improve further on the idea.

The company has yet to reveal anything officially about the new Mate X2, but in a new announcement, Huawei has confirmed that a showcase for its future devices is kicking off on February 22. A date to mark off on your calendar at seeing yet another device that you will probably never be able to afford.

We can expect the new foldable smartphone to get some added horsepower in the processing department, likely the same Kirin 9000 processor from the Mate 40 Pro along with the usual camera and memory upgrades. The main focus though will undoubtedly be on its screen technology and how Huawei plans to improve on its folding concept.

The company didn’t have as bad a release as Samsung’s first folding phone attempt, but it was also never widely released and didn’t get enough attention to show which parts could be improved further upon by outside critics. If Huawei does have something exciting to show off in a few weeks’ time, that might change people’s opinions on folding phones. Although without the benefit of Google services, most people probably couldn’t care too much.

The first Mate X never found its way to South Africa and so I guess the only thing I would be interested to know is whether the company intends to ever give it a wider release.

Not that any of us can afford it anyway.

Last Updated: February 5, 2021

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