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Is AMD’s R9 390X faster than Nvidia’s Titan X?

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We still don’t know very much about AMD’s next big card, the R 390X. We’ve been led to believe that the card will be debuted at Computex in June this year, which the casual observer might believe is a bit too little, too late – especially given that Nvidia’s already showing off its new ultra-enthusiast card, The Titan X (which we’ll be a getting a lot more information on tomorrow from Nvidia’s GPU tech conference). A purportedly leaked internal slide for AMD’s new card, codenamed Fiji, suggests it could be a beast.

Here’s what the supposedly leaked slide – apparently about the Water Cooled Edition of the card – says (via Videocardz)


AMD Radeon R9 390X WCE:

  • Next iteration of the highly successful GCN design
    – Up to 4096 shader units
  • Full DirectX®12_Tier 3 implementation
  • Optimized for 4K gaming & beyond
  • First ever GPU designed for VR immersion
  • Special enthusiast water-cooled edition
  • Up to 8GB of ultra-high bandwidth HBM video memory
  • Hardware H.265 decoding and over 4x the previous H.264 encoding speed, enabling smooth live streaming
  • Enhanced ZeroCore™ functionallity (yes there’s a typo)

Yes that typo cast serious doubts about the slide’s validity, but if it’s in any genuine, it suggests that the next Enthusiast card from Team Red will have up to 4096 Shader units, which is 25% higher than the number reported for Nvidia’s Titan X. It also says we can expect up to 8GB of the company’s new implantation of HBM stacked memory, which offers 640GB’s of memory bandwidth. While on the fence with regards to the validity of this (leaning very much towards it being bogus), new benchmarks from Chinese-language site Chip Hell seem to paint a similar picture; that AMD’s next card is going to be very powerful indeed.

Note : these numbers are in reference to the R9 290X’s performance as a baseline , and not an indication  of FPS.



If they’re true, they suggest that AMD’s new card will be the most powerful single card solution available, besting Nvidia’s unreleased GTX 980 Ti, and even the company’s 12GB monster, the Titan X.

According to rumours from WCCFTech, it could be significantly cheaper than either of them, returning the price-to-performance crown to AMD. As is usual with this sort of thing, take it all with a Table mountain-sized bit of salt.

  AMD Radeon R9 390X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
GPU Code Name Fiji XT GM200 GM200
GPU Cores / Shaders 4096 3072 2816-2688 ?
Die Size ~550mm² ~600mm² ~600mm²
4GB/8GB Stacked HBM 12GB GDDR5 6GB GDDR5
Memory  Frequency 1.25Ghz 7.0Ghz 7.0Ghz
Memory Interface 4096 Wide IO 384bit GDDR5 384bit GDDR5
Total Memory Bandwidth 640GB/S 334GB/S 334GB/S
GPU  Clock Speed 1Ghz~ 1.2Ghz~ 1.2Ghz~
Compute Performance 8.2TFLOP 6.9TFLOP 6.0-6.3TFLOP
Price $549 USD ? $999-$1349 USD $649-$699 USD ?

Last Updated: March 16, 2015

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