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Keep These 4 Things in Mind if Social Media Is a Part of Your Job

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Posting your cat or vacation pictures on social media is super fun. Quoting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, social media is all about sharing experiences and connecting people all around the globe. Quite a successful task, keeping in mind that there are more than 4 billion social media users worldwide (source).

If you enjoy spending time on social media, you might consider making it your full-time job. However, soon you’ll notice working with social media is entirely different. There’s a lot to know. So if you decided to work with social media or find it hard to adapt to its pace in the new workplace, we selected four valuable tips to help you along the way!

  1. Learn to Multitask

Social media is a dynamic environment. Sometimes, you may have to drop everything because a specific post became viral, and you must participate. You may also need to learn new stuff because popular social networks emerge yearly. You will need to perform tasks on one platform only to switch to another task on a different platform due to ongoing activity there. Knowing how to multi-task will allow you to switch between tasks efficiently and with less stress.

  1. Think Before Posting

This one may sound obvious, but it produces too many mistakes. For example, Electronic Arts’ bad-taste tweet caused a ripple effect and went viral in the worst kind of sense. You don’t want to anger your audiences by posting something out of touch with their views. Moreover, social media incentivizes regular carefree posting, which is great for free time. But you don’t want it to carry to your workplace where every word you say online counts.

  1. Don’t Forget Security

You won’t have to deal with complex cybersecurity issues as a social media manager. But from our experience, people who work with online content encounter some troubles sooner or later. For example, a year ago, Facebook leaked an enormous amount of user passwords, reported TheVerge. What if your workplace accounts were there? Would you know how to secure them?

Losing professional social media accounts is a disaster. Employees spend hundreds of hours growing them, building around a community. We recommend always using a reliable password manager to secure your accounts. You will have strong, complex, and unique passwords for each account, minimizing the risks of getting hacked. Moreover, according to NordPass, fully-developed password managers will alert you of a data leak so you can change the affected password immediately.

  1. Be Mindful and Respectful

Lastly, the most important lesson. Working with social media, you will interact with thousands of people. All of them are different, with unique religious and political views. Do your best to avoid sensitive topics that could be offensive to any group of people. Even if you find something obvious or funny, think twice from a different perspective. Talk it over with your colleagues. A few inappropriate words could hurt your reputation irreversibly.

Final words

Using social media and working with social media are two entirely different things. However, you can combine your hobby with a professional career with enough practice and effort. Social media managers enjoy a dynamic and communicative atmosphere, so if that’s your thing, now is the best time to specialize in the field!

Last Updated: November 25, 2022

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