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Kellogg’s new vending machine will make your cereal for you, you lazy bastard

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Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, others might prefer to skip it and consume an early lunch instead. Whatever your preference, it’s likely that most people’s breakfast experience at some time has included a form of cereal. After all, Kellogg’s has been drilling it into us for years about how “healthy” their cereals are, even if Rice Krispies offer practically no nutritional value whatsoever.

Kellogg’s wants to work on making you get that full cereal experience even easier because apparently opening a box and adding some milk is too much effort for some people The company has announced a partnership with DoorDash-owned Chowbotics to launch a new cereal-mixing robot at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Florida State University, to trial how successful a cereal-vending machine might be.

The new so-called “Bowl Bot” will charge anywhere between $3 (R45) and $6.50 (R90) for a bowl of cereal, based on your cereal of choice, or alternatively, can even mix a pre-designed combination of cereals together for you to make for an even more unique breakfast occasion. The bot will also cater to different preferences of milk depending on whether you like your cereal experiences soggy or not.

It’s an interesting concept turning an idea usually reserved for soft drinks or small snacks, into a cereal experience, but it does seem a little silly to me, especially for those prices where you can easily just go to a restaurant and order something for more substantial for the same price or go to the grocery store and buy an entire box of cereal for that price.  I like the idea of automated vending machines making things a lot easier when you need something to eat, but for something as straightforward as cereal, it feels a little overkill. Let us hope this experiment stays in the US.

Last Updated: May 31, 2021

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