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Kindle will now allow you to permanently delete books from your device

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The thought of deleting a book is horrible enough for many of us, but apparently, for some people who either strongly regret their purchases and want to see them removed or have too many books, it’s something they want. And it’s something which Kindle users will now be able to do through version 5.12.5 (though this could previously be done via the web interface).

The book deletion feature was first spotted by The eBook Reader, though it is interestingly not mentioned in the release notes for the new update so it’s not clear if it’s a feature that is just in a trial for now or simply just something which the company forgot to list.

The deletion feature itself is particularly useful for people who use their Kindle to read news articles and have built up a wide number of stories which have cluttered their libraries, although it also allows for the deletion of books. Although this comes with a warning that if you do, they will need to be repurchased. Considering that a Kindle can store thousands of books, any form of actual deletion would be for a book a user most certainly doesn’t want to ever have again, so I guess it is a fair compromise.

According to The Verge, the feature itself is still a little buggy with some whisper sync issues and no bulk delete options available at the moment either. Which perhaps explains why Amazon hasn’t officially listed it in the release notes as its likely a feature they want to do a little more fine-tuning on before they officially release it.

Last Updated: June 10, 2020


  1. Weanerdog

    June 10, 2020 at 16:15

    Cough JK Rowling cough


  2. Seeker

    June 11, 2020 at 07:43

    Amazon should spend some of their huge sum of money to improve their mobile app. You can’t even see your wishlist on that thing. It feels like they are just forcing you buy a kindle device in order to get the most basic of features.


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