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LinkedIn creates a new feature to record how your name is pronounced

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With over 6500 languages in total spoken around the world, excluding certain regional dialects, pronouncing people’s names that are in a language different to yours is likely to be a challenge. Which is perhaps why so many cultures have created a custom of having an English name as one of their many names or we simply just end up shortening people’s names to a single syllable form.

However, in a professional world, it is always best to make an effort to pronounce people’s names correctly and to help with that LinkedIn has created a new feature that allows people to record a 10-second audio clip to their profiles to help others pronounce their names. The recordings can only be added via LinkedIn’s mobile apps on Android and iOS at the moment, though playback is accessible on both mobile and desktop. To add a recording, simply head to your profile on a mobile app, click View Profile, then Edit, and then “Record name pronunciation.” Step by step instructions can be found here.

It is a simple feature, but one that is important to a business networking site like LinkedIn and could make a big difference for many people who need to interact with others globally or have to better understand the pronunciation of names when entering into a foreign region. Even simple names, like my surname, have been mispronounced incorrectly for most of my life.  

Do spare a thought for people with long names though who can’t quite get through them in ten seconds. The short limit though is there for a reason as LinkedIn doesn’t want the feature to become a sales pitch for people to promote themselves. I’m sure it won’t take long though for someone to use this feature to do something like that.  

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

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