Anyone in the esports hardware game will tell you that every action matters. Every gesture, no matter how infinitesimal, has an impact on your performance. Is that something that can be proven or believed? That’s debatable, but what can be given a more rigorous examination is the hardware that these professionals use.

Gaming mice with lightweight specs are all the rage in gaming scenes currently, with high-level competition always striving for that input device which is quicker and lighter so that they can move unencumbered. Enter the Logitech G Pro X Superlight, a gauntlet that would be thrown down onto the floor in front of other brands, if it weren’t at risk of being carried away on a gust of wind.


The short story is yes, this is one stupidly light piece of kit that clocks in at an absurd 63 grams of weight with its battery included. That’s a good chunk lighter than anything else on the market, while still having access to the essential functions of a gaming mouse. How it does this without looking like a cheese grater is baffling, because the G Pro X Superlight looks like a down to Earth mouse that’s 25% lighter than its predecessor, 2018’s G Pro Wireless.

To achieve this reduction in weight, Logitech made some hard decisions with the mouse design. For starters, it’s purely for right-handed users as there’s no leftie-friendly button placement. There’s also no RGB lighting, but that’s actually a welcome sacrifice, and the new scroll wheel also has some clever design within its frame to lighten the load. It’s still roughly the same size as the G Pro Wireless, measuring in at 125 x 63.5 x 40mm, but with a smoother surface that somehow doesn’t result in your hand slipping away.


The ace up the G Pro X Wireless’ corporeal sleeve though is a sensor with an absurdly high CPI of 25,600, a tracking speed of 400 IPS, and up to 40g of acceleration. What this means is that even with a wireless connection, lag is an afterthought and non-existent, taking the fight to purists who insist on having wired mice.

In practise, I’ve found it to be faster than The Flash desperate for a piss-break during the middle of a fight with Darkseid. I’m no esports professional, but I genuinely did feel the extra boost in games such as Gears Tactics, Command & Conquer Remastered, and Othercide during testing, the Pro G X Superlight facing zero resistance along the way and being a consistently smooth experience.


The CPI was possibly too much when I cranked it up to the max, but thanks to the Logitech G Hub I’ve cranked it down to 2500. Not even Logitech believes that a professional athlete needs 25,600 CPI, but it wants to offer that range because it can. It’s like Ferrari building a hypercar that can break the lightspeed barrier purely so that it can do a Degeneration X crotch chop in front of Volkswagen and tell the Germans to go choke on some pizza.

What’s really nifty though are the small features. Logitech designed this mouse for the traveling esports player (so it’s a 2021 mouse then lol), adding a small compartment within which to store the USB connection lest you lose it. It’s held securely in place within the cavity of the mouse, and sealed up by a magnetised hatch.


You’re also not going to have to keep this device constantly charged, as the battery life is absurd so far. In the two weeks that I’ve been properly testing it, the G Pro X Superlight has yet to need a new charge. At the time of writing this post, it still has a 41% charge in its battery, which isn’t bad considering that I work a 14 hour day and leave it on constantly.

Additional grip tape, additional feet, and a range extender complete the package, although some improvements could still be made to the mouse. For starters I’m not keen on the mouse using an antiquated Micro-USB port for charging, although Logitech says that this was implemented as a better way to juice the lightweight rat up more efficiently and helps keep the price down. I also think the scroll wheel is a tad bit sticky, and I’d really like a left-handed version, but these are minor quibbles.

Last Updated: December 1, 2020

Logitech G Pro X Superlight
What Logitech has created isn’t just a successor to one of its most popular gaming mice of the past few years, it took that design and further refined it into a responsive and ultralight configuration that punches far above its weight class.
Logitech G Pro X Superlight was reviewed on PC


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