Logitech has always made good gaming gear, with their headsets being seen as some of the best in the business, but they’ve always had one flaw: As solid as their audio output may be, they’re not exactly visually memorable. In an industry where looks actually do matter, despite what your mom told you when you were young, Logitech’s gear has struggled to stand out from the pack.

Not that their aesthetic is bad mind you, but they were just lacking a certain X-factor in their design. Logitech’s new G733 series is a bolder refresh on their headset line, and before I even slipped it over my head, I was already liking the new look a lot. They’re available in four colours: Traditional white and black, and also ballsier lilac and blue variants.


I got sent the blue G733 for review a few weeks ago, and I genuinely like putting a more ostentatious piece of plastic and audio hardware around my head. Even better, the G733 is a wireless headset, tethered to your PC through a USB dongle. Which means I can get up and not worry about strangling myself whenever I adjust my seat. It also has an absurd amount of range, as I was able to get up from my desk, walk several meters away into my bathroom and keep listening to a podcast through a brick wall while I did horrible things to my toilet. Nifty feature, that.


Anyway, the actual physical design is solid and comfortable stuff. I’ve got a 23.5’ noggin, and the headset easily wrapped itself around my pinhead when I tested it out. If your head’s on the larger side, it should fit nicely as well, as my father and his Liverpool-worshipping kop that measures in at closer to 25 inches managed to enjoy some tunes with it on. Also dad, give me the damn headset back and stop listening to Led Zeppelin!


For further adjustment, there’s an internal strap inside the cradle that looks like it was pulled from a 1990s graphic design catalogue. It has several notches to allow for more adjustment, and you can even replace the strap with differently-coloured bubblegum versions if the fancy strikes you. The cups where your ears take up residence are also well-shaped, featuring deep recesses and an oblong shape that should cover most ear types.


The only normal thing about me is my ear shape, and they were covered just fine, with the cups even managing to provide a decent level of isolation. I’m also a big fan of fabric over leather when it comes to headset material, so that’s another point for Logitech right there in the design column. Front-facing RGB makes for a subtle reminder that this is a gaming headset, while the left side features a trio of audio adjustments: A groovy dial to adjust your volume, a button to activate your microphone and a power switch.


Talking about power, it’s surprising just how much of it the G733 has. Battery life is absolutely phenomenal, featuring charge and forget about it longevity. In the three weeks that I’ve had and used this headset in, I’ve charged it twice: Once when I got it, and again a week ago when it finally started running low on go-go juice. Considering that I’ve had the headset on for around two hours a day, give or take, it’s reassuring to know that even when the lights go off, it’ll still keep on tickin’ for at least 20-30 hours. Also it uses USB-C for charging as the gods intended.

So what you’ve got here, is headset that looks and feels great. What does it actually sound like though? Good enough to go for a hat trick! The serene blue aesthetic contains smaller drivers Pro-G 40mm drivers than what you’re probably used to, but this also means that your ears won’t be assaulted by bass-heavy beats whenever you drop into a game.


That also means that thanks to the lower sensitivity and surround sound, you can actually hear more subtle audio cues and effects in games, movies and music. I’ve been using the headset to listen to soundtracks, play games like Hitman and the last Marvel’s Avengers beta, and also watch some content during lunch breaks, and it’s nice to have subtle sound not drained out by an over-emphasis on bass. It can also go properly loud, in case you feel like blowing your eardrums out.


If there is an Achilles heel to the G733, it’s the microphone. Not exactly the best in terms of quality output, audio from the microphone sounds tinny and warped at best. You can still have a conversation with friends while using it, but there’s no getting around the subpar chatting with this bendy mic, even if you’re using Logitech’s G-Hub software and Blue Voice functions to fine-tune it.

Still, considering the current price that retailers are charging for the G733, there’s a lot of bang for your buck here in an attractive package that nails several other factors of ergonomic excellence and audio bliss.

Last Updated: September 3, 2020

Logitech G733
If you’re looking for a reliable headset that features a few nifty tech leaps over the usual offerings, is comfortable for long stretches of marathon gaming and looks gorgeous to boot, you can’t go wrong with Logitech’s humble G733 headset that punches far above its weight.


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