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Logitech’s new StreamCam is very fancy, also very expensive

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You don’t need much to be a streamer these days, outside of a winning personality, a connection with your audience and a decent webcam with which to broadcast your face to the masses. I’ve got at least one of those requirements and dear lord why are my streams so empty my parents were right about me after all. Anyway, there’s no shortage of cameras on the market today and with a healthy streaming scene to supplement those sales, manufacturers like to future-proof their products with an eye on those gamers who spend all day on Twitch for a living.

Logitech’s got a new piece of hardware in town for just such a person, that goes by the name of the StreamCam. You can throw it on your surface of choice in either horizontal or vertical mounting positions, rotate and give it a 90-degree tilt if needed so that it can be propped at just about any angle under the sun.

Internally, it has some neat hardware! There’s an always handy smart autofocus, it uses USB-C and the f/2.0 can beam your face over the world wide web at 1080p and 60 of those fantastic frames every second. That’s a chuffing good aperture for streamers when you look at the numbers, one that should still provide a pretty decent image in low-light situations but chances are that you’ll probably have a secondary light source set up if you’re serious about your streaming.

The StreamCam also supports OBS and XSplit software, with a three-month subscription thrown in for the latter to help you get your stream on if you purchase it. Here’s the big catch though: The StreamCam ain’t cheap. It currently has a $170 price tag on the Logitech site, making it a pricy alternative to other hardware such as Razer’s Kiyo webcam or Logitech’s own long favoured C920 and C922 cams. .

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It’ll be a bitter cost pill to swallow, although Logitech is hoping that the bump in hardware and their own branded software will make it easier to do so when it hits a market near you.

Last Updated: February 12, 2020

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