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A long-standing volume control issue on Android is finally getting fixed

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This might sound like a silly gripe, but one thing which often annoys me about technology at the moment is that despite the massive advancements, we still can’t do the simple things like adjusting volume correctly. Yes, pretty much all devices and operating systems will adjust the volume for headphones, but these settings often completely ignore the differences in headphones. The end result is that if you are syncing a number of Bluetooth audio devices headphones to a phone or tablet, they can all sound significantly different.

Now, if you’re an iPhone user, you might be wondering what I am talking about. However, for Android phones, while you may not have noticed it if you only ever use one set of headphones, this has been an issue with the operating system where it just keeps track of the last volume setting used by any device and not is cognisant of actually which audio device is synced or not.

XDA Dev reports though that this will finally be changing with a recent update merging into the latest version of Android P that will allow for volumes to be tracked on a device-by-device basis. It is a simple change indeed, and one which makes you wonder why it’s taken the Android community so long to initiate and fix. I guess the number of people using multiple headphones on a device is not as big as I would think or we have just gotten so used to moving forward with the next big and bold idea that we forget to clean up the mess along the way.

Android P is expected to release in the coming months, so for those waiting for this weird error to finally get fixed, the wait is almost over.

Last Updated: April 19, 2018

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