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Many Samsung Blu-ray players have stopped working for who knows why exactly

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There is perhaps no greater show of future robot dominance than when machines work together. Or perhaps malfunction together for no apparent reason. That appears to be the fate befalling Samsung Blu-ray players as ZDNet reported that users are are starting up their Blu-ray players and finding themselves stuck in an endless reboot loop. Other owners have reported hearing a buzzing noise as if the device is trying to read a disk, yet in many cases, there is no disk in the machine.

And if the Blu-Ray players aren’t making a funny noise, they’re shutting down entirely as some users have claimed, with their devices becoming completely unresponsive to all forms of commands and button pressing. It is also something that is not just affecting one particular model, but several.

On Samsung’s community support message board, some users posited the problems started with a firmware update, though ZDNet claims this doesn’t appear to be the case, suggesting the likely culprit was an expired SSL certificate the Blu-ray players used to connect to Samsung’s servers. Samsung has yet to officially comment on the issue with customer service representatives replying to the message board posters are telling people the company is investigating.

Hopefully, it’s something relatively minor that the company can resolve quickly and not the first sign of the robots rebelling against us. If it is a revolt, at least it’s just Blu-ray players for now. And in this age of digital streaming there shouldn’t be too much of a need for these, right?

Last Updated: June 22, 2020

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