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Microsoft to repurpose Windows 10X to work on laptops

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Microsoft has a tendency of following up every great version of Windows with a rather poor one. Which is perhaps the reason why instead of counting to 11, Microsoft’s next OS was instead going to capitalise on the good quality and brand they currently have with Windows 10 and release an update for dual-screen devices called Windows 10X.

At least that is what was initially planned as Microsoft has announced that they will be refocusing Windows 10X to operate on single-screen devices as well. Apparently as a result of the whole COVID-19 pandemic and people increasingly working from their homes, they have once again turned to their laptops rather than their mobile devices for work and this dramatic rise in laptop usage is forcing the software giant to prioritise on catering for laptops as well.

This new focus was revealed by Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Windows and devices chief in a recent blog post:

The world is a very different place than it was last October when we shared our vision for a new category of dual-screen Windows devices. With Windows 10X, we designed for flexibility, and that flexibility has enabled us to pivot our focus toward single-screen Windows 10X devices that leverage the power of the cloud to help our customers work, learn and play in new ways.

Originally planned for dual-screen hardware like its upcoming Surface Neo, Windows 10X was set to be a more stripped-back, simplified, and modern Windows interface. Perhaps not as powerful or usable as its originator, its focus on quick operation makes it useful to many light spec’d laptops with its ability to more quickly multitask likely to come in handy. This could also be a sign that the Neo production is significantly delayed and Microsoft realises that they may not have dual-screen devices to even release them on and as such would rather see many of its features find their way to traditional laptops instead.  

Last Updated: May 5, 2020

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