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New tech allows people to clone their voice with AI

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When you’re a well-known celebrity with a distinct voice, then there is good money to be made in lending your voice to many different projects or advertisements that are then enhanced by your vocal presence. If you’re a well-known celebrity who also happens to be incredibly lazy though – then all that lucrative money comes with the unnecessary side effect of having g to actually work for it. Yes, being a well-known celebrity is hard work.

Soon though, the time will come when people won’t even need to show up for all these big projects that plan to make use of their voice, as a new tech platform called Marvel.AI from US tech company Veritone is creating a platform that will people to generate deepfake clones of their voices that they will then be able to license out as they wish.  

Veritone president Ryan Steelberg shared with The Verge how the concept is intended to aid certain influencers and celebrities:

People want to do these deals, but they don’t have enough time to go into a studio and produce the content. Digital influencers, athletes, celebrities, and actors: this is a huge asset that’s part of their brand. Whoever has the copyright to those voices, we will work with them to bring them to the marketplace. That will be up to the rightsholder and what they feel is appropriate, but hypothetically, yes, you could have Walter Cronkite reading the nightly news again.

Voice recognition and AI technology has really grown over the past few years and even though the whole concept behind deep fake technology is incredibly scary, there are use cases where it can be useful and if this company can find a way of utilizing the technology in a safe way where it cannot be exploited then they are certainly onto something.

Sure, there is a level of authenticity that is lost when you know the person behind the voice doesn‘t actually mean those things they are saying or isn’t actually endorsing the product, but if it can at some point in the future allow us to keep hearing the powerful voice of James Earl Jones, then perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing.

Last Updated: May 18, 2021

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