Ouya Kickstarts its funding goal in less than a day

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"I'm sick and tired of you men! You're all the same! You only want thing from me!" shouted my new girlfriend as she unplugged her xbox 360 and locked it in the closet.

That sexy stainless steel cube of a gaming console, Ouya, is one interesting looking console. It’s got all the features necessary to be a powerful player in the console industry, and now, it’s got the cash to make that dream a reality.

In just over 8 hours, 8000 backers gave over $950 000 in cash to the Kickstarter project. There’s still 28 days left to go, and right now, that amount has skyrocketed to over $2.1 million, for the hacktastic console.

With that much cash behind the project, it looks certain now that the Ouya console will make its March 2013 release date. Still, gathering the funds was the easy part, but now, the real challenge lies in marketing this device to the masses of potential gamers out there.

Hopefully that userbase will expand over time, because this is one interesting little console that could shake things up in the industry, as it has the potential to provide a much friendlier environment within which to create, run and mod games. It’ll be powered by Nvidia’s mobile focused Tegra 3 chipset – which, considering its size and power usage is pretty impressive. It won’t compete with the Xbox 360 or PS3 in terms of pure visual fidelity or performance – but can still crank out the eyecandy.

Here’s what you can expect :

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Last Updated: July 11, 2012

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