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The PlayStation 4 Pro sports an extra gigabyte of RAM

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The PlayStation 4 Pro is coming next month. For many, it’s an unnecessary (but nice!) upgrade, with higher clocks and a more capable GPU, the PS4 Pro will make games on look and run better. It’s especially lustworthy when paired with an HDR-capable UHD screen.

Even those sporting regular HD screens will see a benefit thanks to super-sampling, which will render games at higher resolutions, and then fit them to your current screen – resulting in a crisper, clearer image. Some games will even just add more effects and physics on 1080p setups.

Interestingly, to do all of this the PS4 Pro requires a little bit more RAM. 1GB of it, to be precise. The current PS4 sports 8GB of superfast GDDR5 memory. While the amount of GDDR5 in the PS4 Pro will remain constant, it’ll also sport an extra gigabyte of regular old DRAM. But why?

“We felt games needed a little more memory, about 10 percent more, so we added about 1GB of slow, conventional DRAM to the console,” the soft-voiced PlayStation architect Mark Cerny explained to IGN.

It’ll mostly be used for application switching, Cerny says – with the overall, net effect of the extra memory meaning that PS4Pro games get an extra 512MB to play with for their rendering needs.

In effect, “games have just a little more memory, 512MB to be exact, and most of that is used for the various buffers needed when rendering high-resolution or higher-quality graphics, and the game assets… stay the same, they just look a heck of a lot better on the new console.”

The PlayStation 4 Pro is out on November 10 – and can be used for doing step exercises when not being used for games.

Last Updated: October 21, 2016

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