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Residential Proxies – What You Need to Know

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At Anonymous-Proxies.net, you can find a selection of residential proxies to start selling. Set up a dashboard on your own domain using their template, and use the proxies they offer to create a business from scratch, or to expand your existing business.

What Is a Residential Proxy?

This is a connected group of IP addresses that work as a larger network to protect people online (more details here). They keep users anonymous on the internet, so that their browser history and personal information cannot be tracked very easily. The proxy is a go-between or mediator for the internet user and the rest of the internet, specifically between them and anyone who might want to spy on them, monitor their activities, or hack into their personal data and financial information, says Spiceworks.

The proxy address then becomes the user’s address while they are using the residential proxy. This lets the internet user blend in from anywhere in the world and even appear to be from somewhere else in the world. There are numerous uses for this kind of technology, and you can be sure there are plenty of people who are willing to purchase residential proxies from you.

Is It Legal?

The residential proxies at Anoymous-Proxies.net are 100% legitimate, legal, and white label. That means they adhere to safe internet practices, so you have nothing to worry about. While some people will use these for unlawful purposes, these proxies are completely safe and legal to use.

How It Works

You can choose the residential prices you want to sell from their selection, and make them available through your domain. You don’t have to manage them or make sure they are working. Their team will handle all of that for you. They provide you with the products, and then take a portion of the sale price. You can determine how much you want to sell the proxies for, and even set special sale prices periodically. As long as you set your price higher than their cost, you will be making money off of every sale.

They will give you full reports for proxy sales, and you can see these in real time. This gives you the ability to track who you have sold to, and which proxies they have purchased. That way, you can encourage more sales to individuals in your contacts who might not have tried all of the proxies available.

Residential proxies can be used to unblock websites that might be region locked, to hide an individual’s online presence, to manage social media accounts, and block suspicious ads. Your customers will find many uses for these valuable products, and this is a market with a lot of room for business growth.

Check out anonymous-proxies.net for more information.

Last Updated: August 31, 2023

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