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Samsung is retiring S Voice in June

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Voice assistants appeared to be one of the big focal points of many tech companies over the past few years. While not offering a lot of value to end consumers most of the time, they did provide “street cred” in the tech space because it was cool for your customers to be able to speak to their devices and have your software reply with a variety of answers and useful – or mostly useless – information.

Problem is, there’s a big difference between having a voice assistant and having a good one. For Samsung, they’ve unfortunately never been able to compete with the likes of Google, Apple and Amazon when it came to their S Voice assistant, despite being one of the first companies to come to the party with the feature when it was released way back in 2012. Sadly, while they may have been considered innovative, their execution of S Voice left a lot to be desired as it was considerably slower and less conversational than what their competitors would eventually offer.

It appears that Samsung has now made peace with the fact that they are simply not able to keep up with voice assistant trends, with SamMobile reporting that the company will finally be putting S Voice to rest in June. Though it has already been a feature that the company stopped actively pushing on newer devices, there are still several Samsung devices that currently still utilise S Voice, especially on the wearable front. Samsung will reportedly be providing an update that will change this and they will move over to a different default voice assistant.

Samsung may be a tech giant, but their strength has always been more tailored towards producing hardware and I think it is better for them to rather focus their efforts on building great devices rather than trying to build a wide range of software tools that can’t compete with market giants. Hopefully, this will result in better products for consumers.

Last Updated: April 14, 2020

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