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We all love gaming, else you wouldn’t be here, but let’s be honest for a bit. Gaming is a massively expensive hobby, not only do you need the expensive, PC/console but you also need a rocking TV screen, great sound and not to mention the small issue of the R800 games.

There is no way any mere mortal could pick up every game they wanted on release day, but what if you weren’t a peasant and were rather a King? Well King Price Insurance has stepped up to the plate to bring you the very best gaming deals we could find to make you feel like a King.

Now obviously the best deals are the older games and especially from sites like GOG or Steam sales but what every red/green blooded gamer really wants is games on launch day for a good price.

So let’s pit the local retailers against each other and see who comes out tops. Pricing is shown as PC/LastGen/ThisGen with special mentions if the Xbox 360 and PS3 or Xbox One and PS4 prices are different.



BT Games


Shadow of Mordor -/R540/R720 -/R539/R689 R445/R525/R699 R485/R575/R765
Forza Horizon 2 -/R540/R720 -/R564/R699 -/R525/R699 -/R575/R765
Alien Isolation -/R499/R599 R429/R529/R599 R445/R525/R615 R485/R575/R670
Drive Club -/-/R799 -/-/R749 -/-/R799 -/-/R860

While BT Games and Kalahari seem to win, it really does depend on which platform you are gaming on.

So hopefully we’ve piqued your interest with some solid gaming deals, but as you know we are never right so please let loose in the comments below on where you find your best gaming deals. And while you’re at it, with your decreasing monthly insurance premiums from King Price, make sure you use the cash you’re saving for some more games!

This article was sponsored by King Price Insurance, no seriously we didn’t just pick them out of a hat. The editorial and content is entirely created in house, and we like to be able to eat.  So be a gaming buddy and if you need an insurance quote for your gaming equipment or just want to look at new car insurance options then give them a try.


Last Updated: October 7, 2014

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