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Spotify testing a new feature to encourage people to make podcasts

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Podcasters are the new “radio” personalities of our day. While I care nothing for them and prefer to just listen to music all day, there are an increasing amount of people out there with things to discuss, opinions to share and most importantly, people who are looking for something new and insightful to listen to. Oh, who am I kidding, people are just willing to listen to anyone who seemingly agrees with their narrow viewpoint and I think I am getting too cynical already and should just stick to music.

For those of you though who do aspire to become podcasters one day, Spotify is planning to make it easier to create podcasts of your own as the company is testing a new button within its app that’ll encourage people to create one. Code leaker Jane Wong spotted a new button in Spotify’s podcasts library (thanks to The Verge) that says “Create podcast,” and if tapped, will either send people over to the Anchor app, if it’s already installed, or send them to an informational webpage about the app.

Spotify acquired Anchor, a podcast creation technology company, earlier this year. Anchor is designed to make it easy for anyone to create a podcast by recording right on their phone. It looks like Spotify is now looking to utilise their ownership of Anchor more by bringing the two closer together. Though, an official statement from the company revealed that it is just testing the new feature at this time and there is no confirmation that it will make its way to all users just yet:

We are always testing new products and experiences to improve the overall Spotify experience. Some tests will eventually make way for upgrades to our product, others are only tests. We have no further news to share at this time.

Perhaps more interesting is that Spotify also owns a company called Soundtrap that recently launched a podcast creation tool. Anchor though is designed to be more casual, whereas Soundtrap is seen as more serious editing software that’s designed to be used in a studio or advanced home setup. Spotify is obviously targeting casual podcasters with this new test and hoping to probably see them transition to more serious podcasting if things grow from there. 

Last Updated: September 2, 2019


  1. Admiral Chief Emissary

    September 2, 2019 at 15:59

    “This week, on the Admiral’s Anchor (Pat Pending), we disqus the disgusting effects of the mandini on the comment section”


  2. HvR

    September 2, 2019 at 16:10

    Would love a Geoff-Daryn podcast.


    • Admiral Chief Emissary

      September 2, 2019 at 16:10

      Agreed. Make it so guys!


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