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Steelseries G6V/2 Pro Gaming Keyboard review – The iron gauntlet

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 When I go into combat I take the biggest weapon I can. I get the tank with better armour, or I take along someone who can repair it for me. If there are no tanks available (boo!), I go for something two-handed and heavy. So why are you using that flimsy keyboard over there? Are you scared of having something more powerful than yourself? Could Bane use it without breaking its back? No, he couldn’t! Meet the juggernaut of keyboards.

This is the Steelseries 6GV2, a mechanical monstrosity. Wait, you don’t think you need a gaming keyboard, do you? You think the mouse is your most important weapon? I laugh at you and that puny, wafer-thin toy. Here are some reasons why you need something… solid to rest your hands on. Look at it! Look now!


Okay fine, it looks just like a normal keyboard yes? In a world of pulsing lights, odd curves and spinning whirlymajigs, we sometimes lose sight of the true purpose of our devices: function. The Spartan appearance of this keyboard hides something mighty, a power your enemies will fear. Mechanical key switches. Instead of using a horribly weak plastic membrane, every key on this keyboard has its own gold-plated, finely machined Cherry Black MX switch, which is heavy duty enough that is will survive the Zombie Apocalypse 50 million presses. Which means it lasts a whole lot longer than the paltry six million presses of other keyboards. So now we have strength and stamina on our side. If you are replacing a keyboard because the QWER keys have been worn down to nothing, you may want to consider a stronger keyboard. Or start playing DOTA2 professionally. Maybe seek professional help too.

This is a heavy-duty keyboard. No really. This guy weighs in at a hefty 1.1kg and sits snugly on the desk thanks to four large rubber strips. Instead of adjustable feet, the keyboard is built with a slight angle and supports its weight firmly on three feet. The third foot, which not only protects the cable of the device, stops any sagging under your weight, while giving the keyboard that little extra stability if you play with your keyboard partially on a mouse or gaming pad.

The left Windows key has been replaced with a Steelseries button. This means no more mistakenly dropping back to Windows in the middle of a heated battle. Nothing should distract you as you methodically slaughter your enemies. Some games don’t like task-switching at all, resulting in anything from a level re-draw to the game shutting down. No one wants that.

So the Steelseries key is a media control switch, turning F1 through F6 into volume and playback controls, meaning no added row of keys. Your media experience is enriched without unnecessary bloating of the keyboard, keeping your killing machine lean, mean and ready for a swing at your opponent’s face. (This sadly has not been tested yet. Please e-mail captainfuzzy@lazygamer.net if you are interested in helping round out this aspect of the review.)


Because of the mechanical switches, you don’t have to press keys as hard, or as deep, to register an input. While this is really awesome, it does take some getting used to. The acclimatising can take about two weeks, so don’t buy this on your way to take part in an eSports event. I found that my fingers drag across the keys when I type, resulting in extra presses now compared to my old keyboard. Typing also sounds pretty cool too.

Whether you type books or fight trolls or just need to be able to plink on a keyboard, anti-ghosting technology is your friend. Never hear that beep because you pressed too many buttons at once ever again. When plugged into a PS/2 port, the 6GV2 can register every key being pressed at once. Even if you have extra fingers or decide to bash the keyboard with your forehead. Why use the PS/2 port you ask? Because you don’t want USB polling hogging your CPU, do you?

Thanks to anti-ghosting as well as reduced travel time, most gamers will find that their actions per minute improve, something pivotal to gamers. Because you have to be fast as well as powerful, like a tank with jet engines.

We know all gamers beat up things when they are frustrated. I myself have bashed keys out of a keyboard, breaking its unworthy spine in a fit of rage. After the bloodlust subsided, I had no keyboard, despite all the superglue and duct tape. Steelseries made this keyboard with that kind of abuse in mind, adding some metal into the keyboard’s plastic bits, as well as a metal frame to absorb the hatred you may fling at it. While not indestructible, you will have a lot more keyboard left after you Hulk out. (Don’t smack your stuff, that isn’t nice at all. Smack someone else or go do some smack talk. Really, if you hurt your PC’s feelings, you only have yourself to blame for that blue screen of death. That and Terminator.)

The 6GV2 really is the tank of keyboards. Built to last and withstand the rigours of prolonged combats, while providing gains in performance and accuracy, you are bound to get your R1000 out of this product. Charge!!!!

Now if only I could get used to backslash being to the left of the shift key…

Last Updated: November 9, 2012

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