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The Wii Mini is coming to SA

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There’s a ton of great games available for the now positively ancient Wii that you, hardcore gamer that you are, might not have played; things like The Metroid Prime Trilogy, the excellent Super Mario Galaxy series, Xenoblade Chronicles  and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – to name but a handful. Opportunity’s knocking twice – because the smaller, cheaper Wii Mini is headed to local stores.

We received a press release from Nintendo South Africa, telling us that the Wii Mini – once exclusive to Canada – is indeed headed our way. If you’re looking to catch up on Wii titles past, it’ll cost you R1499 for the privilege . The Wii Mini does have some other caveats though; unlike the Classic Wii (which retails for R1799), the Wii Mini has no internet connectivity (via Wi Fi or otherwise)  – nor is it backwards compatible with Gamecube titles.

It’s also, to my mind, too little too late, and costs too much. Had this thing been released two or three years ago, it could have revitalised the Wii market – but releasing it now, after the the launch of the Wii U is just a confusing misstep. Interestingly, in the UK, the Wii Mini can be had for 80 squid, or just a shade over R1000 – which actually makes it an intriguing, even worthwhile purchase. In Canada, it’s a much more palatable $99, or R855.

R1500? It’s just too much.

Still…if you want one, it’ll be available in SA on March 21.

Last Updated: February 28, 2013

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