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This PhysX Flex demo will make you want a better GPU

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Mahh graffix card KLAPS it, bru. Does AMD EVEN LIFT?

When it comes to PC adherents, there’s still a debate between which is the better GPU purveyor – AMD or Nvidia. It’s easy. when it comes to price to performance, AMD is king, but when it comes to features and performance, Nvidia is the champion. I may be biased, but there’s one reason I favour the green GPU company; it bought up PhysX and threw hardware implementation of the feature in its cards. If you’ve ever played a Batman Arkham game, or even Borderlands 2 with full hardware PhysX, you know there’s no going back. And here’s what you can expect from PhysX in the future.

It shows of PhysX Flex, the company’s new particle-based simulation techniques that’ll be used for things like smoke, cloth, rope and fluid effects, and it;s the sort of stuff that makes people who appreciate the tech and science behind the games we play go weak at the knees. Take a look.

Unified Particle Physics for Real-Time Applications – SIGGRAPH 2014 from Miles Macklin on Vimeo.

It comes courtesy of Miles Macklin’s demo for SIGGRAPH 2014. Macklin worked on Batman: Arkham Asylum at Rocksteady, so he knows a thing or two about actually implementing these features in games. Still, this sort of stuff would crush current GPU’s, and it’ll be some time before we see this in games.

“Using particles connected by constraints as our fundamental building block allows us to treat contact and collisions in a unified manner, and we show how this representation is flexible enough to model gases, liquids, deformable solids, rigid bodies and clothing with two-way interactions,” he says of his work. You can read more about it here, while you stare forlornly out of the window waiting for games that use these features.

Sorry AMD fans. You can’t have these things.

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

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