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Top 5 Questions To Ask When Creating A Corporate Training Program

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When it comes to creating a corporate training program, there are a lot of things to consider. An LMS like Lessonly provides your employees with effective and engaging training. This LMS will help you create a training program that meets your company’s and its employees’ needs. 

You want to ensure that your program is comprehensive and covers all the necessary topics, but you also don’t want to overwhelm your employees with too much information. To strike the perfect balance, start by asking yourself few questions. What type of training do your employees need? What is your budget? How can you ensure that the training is effective? Asking the right questions can help you create a training program that meets the needs of your employees and your company. Here are 5 questions to ask when creating a corporate training program.

What is the goal of the training program?

The training program aims to provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their jobs. The program should also help employees better understand the company’s culture and values.

Who is the target audience for the training program?

The target audience for the training program is company employees who need to be trained on a specific skill or job task. The program should be designed to meet the needs of the employees and the company. It should be flexible and customizable to meet the needs of both the employees and the company.

How will be the training program delivered?

The most common method to deliver the training program is through an in-person workshop or seminar. This type of delivery allows for more personal interaction between the trainer and the trainees. It also provides a more hands-on approach to learning, which can benefit some topics.

Another popular delivery method is eLearning (more details). This option offers a more flexible schedule. It also tends to be more cost-effective than in-person delivery methods. eLearning can be self-paced or done in a group setting, depending on the organization’s needs.

Blended learning is another option that combines elements of both in-person and eLearning delivery methods. This approach can offer the best of both worlds, allowing for personal interaction and flexibility. 

What resources are needed to implement the training program?

To implement a corporate training program, you will need a team of trainers who are experts in the topics you wish to cover in your program. You will also need a well-equipped training room with all the necessary audio and visual equipment. Finally, you will need course materials such as modules, workbooks, and slides.

If you are working with a limited budget, there are still ways to get the needed resources. Many businesses partner with local institutions that can provide access to their facilities and instructors. 

What are the budget and timeline for the training program?

The budget and timeline for a corporate training program will vary depending on the scope and scale of the program. When creating a corporate training program budget, it is important to consider the cost of materials, instructors, facility rental, and other associated costs. The cost of materials will vary depending on the training type. For example, if the training is focused on software applications, then the cost of materials may include licenses for software applications and manuals or guides, says Forbes.

Instructors should be compensated for their time spent preparing and delivering lectures and any time spent leading exercises or group activities. Instructor compensation can be calculated hourly or as a flat fee for the entire program. Other associated costs may include travel expenses for instructors or participants.

When creating a corporate training program timeline, it is important to allow enough time for all components of the program to be completed successfully. This includes time for planning and development, delivery of lectures and exercises, evaluation, and feedback. It is also important to factor in any downtime that may be needed between sessions to allow participants to process information and assimilate new skills. 


When it comes to creating a corporate training program, these are a few key questions that we have mentioned above in the article you should always keep in mind. By asking these questions and taking the time to find answers that work for your company, you can create a corporate training program that is both successful and beneficial for all involved.

Last Updated: February 6, 2023

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