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Trump blacklists Xiaomi in his final day as America’s worst president

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Not intent on going quietly into the night, Trump is making sure he leaves his mark on the US in one way or the other. One of those big statements that he made was to backlist Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi and several other Chinese companies in an increased effort to undercut the expansion of tech products from that side of the globe according to Tech Central.

While Trump’s dislike for Chinese giant Huawei has been well documented, the white house also pegged the reason for targeting the company is due to security concerns, a claim that is now using against Xiaomi as well even though these allegations have never been verified.

It is ultimately a decision that could be just as quickly be overturned by newly-elected US president Joe Biden in the next few weeks, as he looks to undo some of the decisions Trump has made during his destructive term in office, but the company’s stocks have already been hit as a result of the current blacklist. This means that Xiaomi devices cannot be sold in the US and could be subject to the same sort of restrictions that resulted in US companies working in partnership with Chinese manufacturers to loophole their products into the country.

Xiaomi has been one of the biggest challengers in the smartphone market, and along with Huawei, has been producing high-quality products with an exceptional price tag. Those processes will mean very little though if Xiaomi also loses the ability to work within the Google ecosystem or have to struggle for decent semiconductors like Huawei.

It’s not a good thing for global competition on the smartphone space and let’s hope that sanity prevails in the near future. Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi can and should be allowed to compete on even footing in the global market.

Last Updated: January 20, 2021

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