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TV manufacturers unite to tackle the scourge that is motion smoothing through Filmmaker Mode

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Motion Smoothing. A digital effect enabled on most modern-day screens that makes it better to watch fast-paced sports but can often make watching movies a horrible experience. The biggest problem with it? While most manufacturers do allow the feature to be turned off, they don’t always name it appropriately and because it is switched on by default most people simply just never do switch it off (85% according to Forbes) and then wonder why their movies look like cheap soap operas.

Now the UHD Alliance, a collection of companies who work together to define display standards, has announced Filmmaker Mode, a new TV setting designed to show films as they were originally mastered, with as little post-processing as possible. The mode’s defined standards will affect multiple settings like frame rate, aspect ratio, over scanning, and noise reduction, though the most important element is that it turns off motion smoothing. According to The Verge, the likes of LG, Vizio, and Panasonic have already expressed interest in including the mode in their TVs, with more manufacturers likely to follow in standardising this.

While this won’t stop manufacturers switching motion smoothing on by default, the idea behind this initiative is to at least standardise the naming conventions and technical settings, which will hopefully make TVs better for watching movies. Something which has attracted the attention from top directors like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, and JJ Abrams all calling for efforts to end the scourge that is motion smoothing from our TVs.

Some manufacturers claim there are benefits to motion smoothing on cheaper televisions where the technology can smooth over potential flaws in the panels, but with most modern-day screens being of higher quality, it doesn’t really add value outside of sports. Hopefully we with these changes, it will make it easier for many to now switch over to this new mode and watch movies the way they were intended.

Last Updated: August 29, 2019

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