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Twitter testing a feature to make it easier to find quoted tweets

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Twitter is working on a feature to make it easier for users to identify how many times a post has been retweeted with a comment. Not sure why people would want to know this information, but I’ve stopped trying to understand most of Twitter’s users a long time ago and I guess any idea that could make it easier for them to search for things should be seen as a positive.

The company confirmed to The Verge that they’re testing the feature on iOS, after screenshots were posted by users of a new “Retweet with comments” counter can be seen alongside the existing “Likes” and “Retweets” numbers.

The feature won’t show you anything you can’t currently find using the service’s search function though it does make it much easier. If you want to find quote tweets currently, you have to paste the tweet’s URL into the service’s search box.

It’s worth noting that Twitter regularly tests changes that don’t end up in the final product, so there is a big chance we may never see a wider rollout. It’s personally not something I would bother too much about with anyway. Especially when the only feature I actually want to see in my limited Twitter usage is the ability to edit my tweets.

Last Updated: April 24, 2020

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