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US Government is pushing for the regulation of video conference apps like Zoom

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With the world going through a complete culture shift as a result of lockdowns around the globe and a likely surge in working from home now just no, but even for the future, its inevitable that companies like Zoom will continue to grow and become more popular. The problem, as Zoom has unfortunately proven to the world, is that a lot of this growth is made at the expense of privacy and security, meaning that end-users end up being unknowingly compromised through bad practice

As much as companies like Zoom should’ve known better, as they are now Tthe subject of a big lawsuit over their false security claims. the problem lies not just with Zoom itself, but also the lack of accountability and regulation within industries like it.

This is all likely to change – especially in the US where these companies are often originating, as a new letter from the US Government to the Federal Trade Commission has been released which is calling for comprehensive guidelines for companies that provide online conferencing services, as well as best practices for users that will help protect online safety and privacy during this pandemic and beyond.

It’s probably a little late, especially given all the issues that the FTC has already had with other tech giants like Facebook and Google and their utilisation of data. With more and more people shining a light on poor security measures I think we will soon start to see extensive measures put in place to regulate these companies and their practices more. I just wish that countries like South Africa could also address these matters more proactively and ensure that standards are put in place that companies need to adhere to. Perhaps now is also the opportunity for SA companies to do this themselves rather than have their data shared all over the place.

Last Updated: April 9, 2020

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