Valve preparing for launch of Linux hardware next week?

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Steam Box
We’ve known for a while that Valve was preparing to launch some kind of new hardware, often referred to as the “Steam Box”. It seems we don’t have much longer to wait for details – we should be getting news as soon as next week!

Speaking at LinuxCon, Gabe Newell explained Valve’s vested interested in Linux:

“The next step in our contribution to this is to release some work we’ve done on the hardware side. Even more broadly in terms of the grand unification, we really don’t think that the fragmentation around the physical location or the input devices of computation is either necessary or desirable for software developers or for consumers.”

“…none of the propriety closed platforms are going to be able to provide that grand unification between mobile, the living room, and the desktop. Next week we’re going to be rolling out more information about how we get there and what are the hardware opportunities that we see for bringing Linux into the living room and potentially pointing further down the road to how we can get it even more unified with mobile.”

It will be interesting to see how they approach this. If it looks anything like the PS Vita TV, they could be wildly successful. If they are looking to unify the experience between mobile, living room (read: TV) and computer, we might see something cool. Or, it could just be another gadget to collect dust. One of my biggest issues with PC gaming is the lack of living room/controller. If the ‘Steam Box’ lives up to expectations, it could be an awesome ‘must-have’ device.

Last Updated: September 17, 2013

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