Valve selling their hardware directly through Steam

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Valve has had a pretty stellar week at both MWC and GDC. Despite not revealing Half-Life 3 (then again, will they ever?), the primarily software-focused company made a big statement with their HTC-powered VR Vive headset, as well as the host of different Steam Machines coming to market in November. To cap things off, Valve has introduced a brand new section to Steam – and it’s full of hardware.

Valve has launched a brand new PC hardware focused section on Steam following their numerous announcements this week. The listings include the brand new Steam Link, Steam Controller and every single Steam Machine currently set for launch. While you can browse all the items right now, you can’t actually order anything just yet. Still, it’s great to have a single hub dedicated to Steam hardware, especially when it comes to the many different types of Steam Machines.

The prices range from a relatively low $450 to an exuberantly high $5000 for some configurations, and a lot of the listings are yet cement actual specifications yet. And while Steam is widely used locally for digital games, I’m not too sure how restrictive their hardware is going to be. Whether or not this store is being kept exclusively for select regions is yet to be seen, but don’t expect every machine listed to have global shipping. At best, Steam might localise listings for hardware that will only be available in your region. Maybe.

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Either way, it’s great that Valve is offering a nice way to centralise their products, and not force consumers to hunt via online retailers themselves. Given enough time, this could quickly become just has necessary as Steam’s digital distribution.

Last Updated: March 6, 2015

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