Valve’s controller may be getting a thumbstick

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Valve’s entering the hardware game. As masters of service delivery, they’ll soon be deploying licenced third party hardware in the form of Steam Machines; little Linux-powered set-top boxes that die-hard Pc gamers can wilfully ignore. I’m far more interested in Valve’s revolutionary controller with its odd haptic feedback.

The controller’s meant to make PC-centric genres like FPS and RTS games a little easier to play on a controller. That’s great news because as accurate as they are,


This comes via Steam Database who found the image buried deep within the latest version of Steam’s beta client files. The last physical revision of the controller has been criticized rather heavily, with PC Gamer saying that they "didn’t once feel comfortable, in control, or that Valve’s hardware configuration was in any way an upgrade over a controller with analog sticks"

I think it’s probably better for the thing to have an analogue stick – though I think it would be better if it had two, scrapped the weird unwieldy haptic sensors and was in fact just a standard, tradition gamepad, because those are pretty much perfect already. Right?

Last Updated: July 24, 2014