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What Music Can Be Used On Instagram?

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Instagram is strict about respecting copyright and removes content in which music is used illegally. If you can’t pay for the tracks, use free music for Instagram without copyright, or rather with a Creative Commons license. Based on the type of license, such tracks can be used for personal and commercial purposes. In this article, we will tell you about the types of licenses, which music can be used for stories and videos on Instagram, and which for commercial purposes.

Why Does Instagram Block Stories with Music?

For many people, this situation is familiar: you edit a video for Instagram, pick up a suitable track, spend a lot of time and effort on it, and the social network bans it. An unpleasant situation, but this is a part of the Instagram copyright policy.

Each track or composition has a certain type of license. Some tracks are free to use: for example, the so-called non-copyrighted music can be found on LesFM. There are also musical compositions, on the distribution of which the owner has imposed a partial or a full ban. Users do not usually pay attention to this, do not study the type of license, but select a track from what they like. But illegal use of copyright content can end up in legal responsibility and fines. Especially if the track was used commercially.

Since Instagram selectively bans posts with music, legal consequences may occur very fast. If you are a systematic violator, Instagram can also completely block your account. So, to avoid trouble with the law and not lose your Insta account, use only no copyright tracks, or rather with a free Creative Commons license.

What is a Free License?

In general, Creative Commons has 6 types of licenses, each of which has its nuances. For example, you can legally use one track for an advertising layout, and the other only for personal purposes, for example, in stories on Instagram. The types of licenses are arranged in a hierarchy from the freest to the license with the most limited terms of use:

  • CC BY (the indication of authorship is obligatory);
  • CC BY SA (the product should be distributed under the same license + indication of the authorship);
  • CC BY ND (the creation of derivatives is forbidden + indication of the authorship);
  • CC BY NC (the commercial usage is forbidden + indication of the authorship);
  • CC BY NC SA (no commercial usage + same license + indication of the authorship);
  • CC BY NC ND (no commercial usage + indication of the authorship + the creation of derivatives is forbidden).

So, where to get music for Instagram without copyright? The easiest way is to go to the official music library from Facebook and YouTube. Unfortunately, you will not find modern tracks there, but you do not need to deal with the license once again. Alternatively, use the content from websites with no copyright music.

Last Updated: October 20, 2021

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