Yet another analyst has his view on Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD

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Rob Enderle Okay these analysts views are a dime a dozen but this one takes a slightly different viewpoint.

A lot of people point to the PS3 as the reason why Blu-Ray will win this war. However Rob Enderle has taken a slightly different view. He actually points to the PS3 as the reason why Blu-Ray will fail…

However, this was all before I knew the cost of the Blu-ray technology, and it was based on the assumption that Sony would never be stupid enough to price itself out of the game console market

Given my history with Sony, you’d think I’d know better and would have assumed it would be that stupid. That likely would have resulted in a lot less pain all around.

He goes on to say that Sony lied about how far advanced the Blu-Ray technology was and then by hitting the market late and over priced they not only killed their console but killed the hopes of Blu-Ray as well. However he also does not believe that HD-DVD will win either. Neither format offers anything that is worth the huge expense.

This is becoming a very common point of view, why should we stump up for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD players when they offer us very little over DVD which has a better range and is obviously much cheaper.

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Last Updated: August 28, 2007

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