Youtube to kill unskippable ads in 2018

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You know, the first time I read about this, I read it so wrong that I wrote a piece about why Youtube would want to FORCE people to watch 30 second adverts. Possibly due to the fact I cannot believe they are going to remove them, and also possibly due to the fact that I am trying to beat Geoff in an insomniac competition. I think he is winning.

A few days ago the popular cat/Drunken Russians acting crazy platform announced that it would be scrapping the unskippable thirty-second adverts in 2018, a move that I find quite interesting. Confirming with BBC’s Newsroom program, YouTube said it was doing it to support “formats that work well for both users and advertisers”.

I agree, this does work well for us users, not sure how it works well for the advertisers though? Of course we already have the short, five second ad that has made advertisers think outside the box. Like the rather innovative Audi advert that,  just before you click SKIP AD, tells you this is how long the car takes to get from 1-60. Short, sharp, sweet. This is a move that could force advertisers to stop thinking old-school and shake things up in the advertising industry and I am all for that. I am so sick of ‘soft piano playing, older gentleman looking at family pictures – buy life insurance, quick’ adverts I could scream.

I do wonder how YouTube will carry on making money from this sector though. Of course there are subscription options, but I won’t be paying for those anytime soon. Will YouTube look at a new model to monetise their free platform I wonder? Perhaps they could throw in an advert a few minutes before the END of a video! Now that would be a fiendish move to make!

Last Updated: February 22, 2017

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