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Zoom CEO finally issues a response to all their security issues

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The past few days have been bittersweet for Zoom. Not only has its popularity grown as a result of more people needing to use it to conduct meetings from their homes, but it has also highlighted a number of security issues that, while having always been there, have reduced trust in the company and its video-meeting service.

The company has been relatively defensive up till now about everything, but it appears that Zoom has had a change of heart as CEO Eric S. Yuan took to Twitter to promise that they will improve the situation. Zoom is now pausing all feature development for 90 days (as revealed by The Verge), to rather address security issues directly and restore trust in the company’s software. Like building true end-to-end encryption into its calls.

The company has also provided a further patch to address some of the issues, with a new update now completely removing the preinstall stuff and forcing users to read through some of the privacy policy information and make it abundantly clear on what is getting posted live, along with making a few fixes to reduce some of the information that gets made available to the company’s internal services. This patch reportedly resolves a further LinkedIn security flaw that was identified too.

Hopefully, Zoom can resolve its many security flaws soon otherwise we could see companies quickly migrate away from it, resulting in one of the quickest rise and falls in all of history.

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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