In Other News – 11 November 2015

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In most of the world, today is the day we commemorate soldiers. It’s mostly because today marks the armistice of World War I, when people stopped fighting for hopefully the last time in human history. Obviously, it didn’t stick, but it’s still a nice opportunity to pause and think about all the people who gave their lives. I would try to say something poignant at this moment, but I’m too busy creating new ways to keep cool. Spoiler alert: none of them are working.

In Other News: MGSV patches out major plot point, Fallout 3 won’t be free forever and gaming inspired food is gross.

Here’s the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy teaching Darryn about CYKA BLYAT


Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Patch Reverses Major Plot Point
How to Play Star Wars Battlefront Before It Launches
Free Fallout 3 offer on Xbox expires February 2016
Final Fantasy XIV/Final Fantasy XI Crossover Event Now Available on PS4, PS3 and PC; Screenshots Released


Tencent sees $1.2bn profit in Q3
Disney and launches Star Wars-themed Hour of Code tutorials
Final Fantasy XV “Pre-Beta” Statement Clarified by Community Manager


Why Hunger Games And Star Wars Are The Same Movie

Star Wars Battlefront 3 – Live Action Trailer

Fast Food Clump – Epic Meal Time

The Movies

I remembered something! It’s the first trailer for FINDING DORY!
Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: which movie should get an all-female reboot?
This new trailer for Marvel’s JESSICA JONES makes it a double!

Last Updated: November 11, 2015

Zoe Hawkins

Wielding my lasso of truth, I am the combination of nerd passion and grammar nazi. I delve into all things awesome and geek-tastic. I believe people should stop defining themselves and just enjoy playing games, so let’s get on with it!

  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja
    • We know your math is off though. So that’s cool

      • I can hardly spell, I am not going to even try correcting someone on math. 61% of the time it will probably be incorrect.

    • Hammersteyn

      Doctors want to keep all the bacon for themselves

      • I knew it!!!

      • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

        Hence why I never go to the doctor, unless some asshat knocks me off my bike


    • Sageville

      All bacon, All the time, ALL HAIL BACON!

  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja
    • Dutch Matrix

      I had a sadz. Now I has a smilez.

    • oVg


    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      I have one of these at home, EXPERIMENTATION TONIGHT!
      (Will tell my daughter that Chewbacca is doing a marathon tonight)

      • Document it… for science purposes.

  • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

    In other news, Northern Parts of SnorToria are currently perfect weather to braai in. Just leave your meat outdoors for 3-5 minutes, and 30 minutes if you are Trevor

    • The Movember running strong there?

  • Hammersteyn

    I prefer Blyad Suka, but that’s just me

    • oVg

      Crazy mother vodka

      • Hammersteyn


        • oVg


  • oVg

    The 11th of the 11th.


    • Hammersteyn



    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja


  • The Sten

    Right….picked up my copy of Fallout 4 at the mall today (only R600 wooooooooo!) and I’ve only read and reread the back of the box 20+ times.

    Will install what there is and let the rest download overnight while i take my mind off it by drowning myself in Team fortress or Guild wars.

    …tomorrow will be a good day.

    • Always the best part about getting a new physical copy and you can’t play it straightaway 😛

      • oVg

        The PS4 version takes 30 minutes to install to the HD, but they give you 9 cinematic show reels during that time to teach you what the classes are while you wait.

        The intro is cool as fciuk

    • oVg

      Im going to play as a bald headed female as the voice actress played Jack in Mass Effect 🙂

    • Hammersteyn

      EA hard at work

      • Sageville


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