Joss Whedon discusses The Avengers, present and future

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If you’re in the laundry detergent business, then chances are that you just love Joss Whedon. The past few weeks has seen the release of trailers for The Avengers so epic, that they probably resulted no small amount of soiled underclothes.

Adding to that ever growing mountain of geek mess, Whedon has been speaking to a number of people about the highly anticipated upcoming film, as well as his plans for a proposed sequel.

First up, while on stage at the SXSW Film Festival, Whedon addressed one of the film’s most closely guarded secrets: Exactly which alien race will be joining the villain Loki. And while Whedon can’t say who it is, he is willing to say who it’s not and why:

“I will say only this: It is not the Kree or the Skrulls.

Those two aliens are Marvel mainstays and have enormous back stories. They have a big life of their own that just could not be contained in a film where I already had seven movie stars.

The Skrulls…They can shape change. That’s a whole thing. I’ve already got Loki. He’s got magic. Once you got magic along with your Iron Man and your Black Widow…It’s a real juggling act.”

Next stop on the Whedon world tour: Discussing with SFX how he would approach making a sequel.

“By not trying to [go bigger]. By being smaller. More personal, more painful. By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself

I want to know what makes them tick. What makes them flawed, what makes them fight, and ultimately, what makes them awesome. I go to these movies for those moments when the heroes define themselves, either through action or deliciously overwritten speeches.”

Last Updated: March 12, 2012

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  • Cyril

    Exactly which alien race will be joining the villain Loki. And while Whedon say who it it, he is willing to say who it’s not and why:
    Wait, What?

    • Firstly, I think you’re missing the part before the colon, which would certainly make that sentence read a lot better.

      Secondly, I spotted the 2 typos earlier already and corrected them. But thanks for pointing them out anyway.

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