Microsoft buying Take-Two?

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Done Deal?

EA Games has been trying to buy Take Two for what feels like an eternity now and while I felt it was a foregone conclusion it seems that more people are now interested.

Take Two has announced that it has now received some more suitors.

Seeking Alpha’s Stephen Frankola thinks one of these new suitors it Microsoft and goes on to explain why.. you can click through the link for the full information but it boils down to them having enough money really.

But then again could Microsoft really buy a developer which is platform agnostic? I just don’t see Microsoft making games for the PS3 in my lifetime and at the same time I think they would be lynched if they bought Take-Two and then didn’t release the next GTA onto the PS3.

So all in all this is most probably not going to happen and EA are back in the driving seat.


Last Updated: July 30, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Banana hammock

    I highly doubt this, mainly because MS are a very well run company and the gaming division is just a tiny part of it. It’s stockholders know that the gaming division has lost a lot of money consistently over the last many years and are not going to fork out another ton of cash. If they bought it then it would make more sense to turn it into a 1st party publisher, but then the games will sell far less units and making it profitable would be difficult.

    Besides, MS would be MUCH better off just paying TT a huge sum to make the next GTA exlusive if they wanted that.

  • LazySAGamer

    True but Microsoft are also a software company at heart and it would possibly make more sense to outsource the hardware construction to a third party company and develop the software for the Xbox and Nintendo Platforms as they are not exactly competitors

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