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The Pros and Cons of Using Keyword-Rich Domain Names

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There is an opinion that a website name – a domain name – should be short, concise, and memorable. Yes, there is some truth to that. But there is also an opposite opinion. Namely, that the domain name should include a keyword or several keywords. Is that so? Let’s discuss it below.

Domains with keywords: pros and cons

Using domain names with keywords has its pros and cons, and much depends on the specific goals and strategy of the domain owner.

First, let’s look at the pros:

  • SEO benefits. Domain names with keywords can help improve search engine optimization (SEO) as they may be more relevant to specific queries, says Moz. A user types a keyword into the search – and gets a site in the results that contains it.
  • Easy to remember. Sites whose names contain search queries may be easier to remember for users, especially if they reflect the content of the site or business (for example, a website with the keyword “Buyacar” clearly indicates what specific query it can answer – “buy a car”).
  • Marketing advantages. Domains with keywords can be effective in marketing, as they can immediately give an idea of the site’s theme.
  • Clarity for visitors. Users may better understand the essence of your site if the keywords in the domain are directly related to the site’s topic.

And now let’s talk about the downsides to this approach to choosing domain names:

  • Length and complexity. Domains with a large number of keywords can be long and complex, making them difficult for users to remember and input.
  • Lack of aesthetics. A domain name that is too long may look unattractive and even suggest that the site is not very secure. Some domains with many keywords may be perceived by search engines or users as an attempt at manipulation or even as a sign of spam.
  • Scalability limitations. When changing the focus of the business or expanding the range of services, a domain change may be required – you can become a hostage to your own domain.
  • May decrease uniqueness. Domains with an abundance of keywords may be less unique, which can make it difficult to distinguish your brand among competitors.


Before choosing and get domain name from a particular registrar’s website, think ahead – whether to take a short name or a longer one, hoping for an SEO effect. Is it worth taking a too long name? Modern trends dictate the opposite – shorter and more concise names. Moreover, this frees you up for scaling your business and even changing your activities or range of goods and services. Therefore, more in favor of a short name, at most – using one keyword phrase.

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

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