These are the 5 best MOBA characters ever!

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I love listicles. You know why? Because they are 100% accurate, and not in the least bit subjective. Trust me, I have thousands of hours poured into the MOBA genre, so best you believe me when I say that the following characters are DEFINITELY the best in the business…

Johanna (Heroes of the Storm)

When an enemy team picks Johanna, it’s best to AFK at spawn until the game is done. She is LITERALLY unkillable. She can make her skin tough as iron, making her unstoppable for several seconds for crying out loud!

And then she has that damn shield. Just look at it – it’s big enough to protect her entire body, and shiny enough to blind opponents temporarily too. Rumours are that Johanna spends half her day polishing the damn thing with Brasso, and the other half being her unkillable self. Both are probably true!

Oh but don’t worry, as menacing as that mace may look, Johanna actually doesn’t have much going her way in the damage department. Blizzard had to balance her somehow, right? Yeah take her shield away ok, then we can talk about the game being fair when she is picked!


Nidalee (League of Legends)

Nidalee is just your typical League of Legends champion. She can harass opponents with her long range javelin, set traps, and even heal and buff attack speeds. Oh, and she can also turn into a cougar. So there’s that…

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Two forms means that there are two different sets of skills Nidalee can use to hunt opponents down. That makes her twice as deadly, especially when she alternates between both forms at the speed of light to maximise killing potential.

What would you rather have kill you – a spear in the back, or claws to the face? Skilled players will have you dying via both.


Petal (Vainglory)

Oh cute, a flower creature thing! Petal probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. Probably.

No, based on her design alone, one can see that she is definitely a support character. Her abilities support this notion too. She can plant seeds to grant allies healing and armor. Nice!

But then she can spawn pets from those seeds, and then she can… make them explode? THAT MONSTER!


Freya (SMITE)

Admittedly, I’ve not played SMITE enough to offer an informed opinion on which of the many gods is the very best. I love the name Freya though, so… yeah.

Freya  is the queen of the Valkyries, which in itself makes her a certified badass. She also has a large sword, which is perfect for poking holes in those who get in her way. When those annoying enemies decide to run away, she can become a ranged attacker. And then, when she’s really pissed off, she can fly above the battleground and rain down hell from above.

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Yeah I like the sound of her. Now if only I had the time to play some SMITE…


Puck (Dota 2)

Of course I’ve saved the best for last. Puck is without a doubt, the best Dota 2 character, and probably the best hero across all MOBAs.

What is Puck you ask? A faerie dragon of course. What gender is he/she? Well, that’s a topic that has been debated for the past few centuries, to no avail. Personally, I think it’s a she.

Not that it matters of course. What does matter, is what this little faerie dragon is capable of. Puck has a very slippery skillset, making her nearly unkillable in the right player’s hands. I for example, have a 3562 game streak of being completely unharmed (give or take a few thousand games). BEAT THAT!


And there you have it – a completely accurate, wholly objective and not made-up list consisting of the top 5 MOBA characters. Disagree with any of my selections? Bah, GET GUD NOOB! Also, feel free to disagree with me in the comments – I’d love to hear what your top choices are!


Last Updated: February 16, 2016

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • Valshen

    It seems you only like girls.

    • hairyknees

      My original list had Murky, but felt he was too similar to Petal in some ways 😛

    • DrKiller

      Most of us do 🙂

  • PoisonedBelial

    Aren’t all the above THE SAME GAMES? 😛
    Well, LoL and DoTA are… ^_^

    • Hargrim

      Ever try heroes of the Storm? It’s not the same

    • BakedBagel

      LoL players are the only ones who think the games are the same ^_^

  • Hammersteyn

    Nintendo should make a MOBA game. As a bonus if you win quick enough or score enough points you rescue Peach and she drops cosmetic loot but if you don’t Toad tells you she’s in another castle

  • Captain JJ ‘saurus

    Luckily for Freya she has decent armour to ensure she’s well protected.

  • Commander Admiral Chief

    Filthy mobases

  • Pieter Kruger

    What the Puck is a “MOBA”?

  • Captain JJ ‘saurus

    I can respect MOBAS, I like the idea. It’s just really not my thing. I played a lot of the first DOTA and also DemiGod.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      I played Demigod for all of 30 minutes. Boring. Next!

      • Captain JJ ‘saurus

        That what she said?

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          30 minutes would be a vast improvement.

        • Commander Admiral Chief

          He said 30 minutes, not 3 minutes

          • Captain JJ ‘saurus

            Yet no one questions why she would say “next”

          • Commander Admiral Chief

            It’s like it is your first day here

          • Captain JJ ‘saurus

            It’s like you think the 3 minutes thing is a new joke. 😛

            (because, you know, the “what she said” is totally new)

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Did you think Captain Obvious would stay a Captain his whole life?

          • Commander Admiral Chief

            He made himself captain a while ago, I think a demotion is in order.

            Especially after seeing a particular picture. I think Ensign has a nice ring to it

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Hmm. No, I don’t agree.

          • Commander Admiral Chief


          • Captain JJ ‘saurus

            But I’ve got seniorship for being here so long :/

          • Commander Admiral Chief

            See now that type of attitude is why a demotion is in order

          • Captain JJ ‘saurus


          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Or, now that you mention it, boring. 🙁

        • DrKiller

          He said minutes, not seconds 🙂

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Here cabbage, this is for you…

    • Captain JJ ‘saurus

      Shame. Poor cabbage. I support this article. Damn you all! 😛

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Do you want to to start spelling “cabbage” as “cabbajje”?

  • Commander Admiral Chief

    Star Wars Moba………………………………………
    Sounds like a gold mine
    [goes to investigate]

    • Captain JJ ‘saurus

      No. With EA at the helm.
      Imagine the microtransactions

      • Commander Admiral Chief

        Make it a mobile game with gems/coins/gold/[insert thing here]

        • Captain JJ ‘saurus

          And probably not completely impossible with EA

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      You mean a Mandalorian Iron mine right?

      • Commander Admiral Chief

        I’d love to encase my car in Mandalorian Iron, traffic would be a glorious adventure

  • Hargrim

    Scared of Johanna? Poor Matty, just pick Raynor, Falstad or Leoric, Johanna will have nightmares about you soon

  • No Invoker
    I give this list -5/10.

    • hairyknees

      Can Invoker through an orb and phase shift? I THINK NOT! 😛

      • Tiaan Pat

        He can throw a sun strike and ghost walk????

        • hairyknees

          … but he can’t dreamcoil people??????? xD

          • DrKiller

            He can deafening blast people.. pretty much the same thing 😛

  • Commander Admiral Chief

    Wait, I don’t see any horror characters in this list…..oh well, will just need to remind Matty MORE OFTEN of this

  • BakedBagel

    That clicky title tho :^)

    • hairyknees

      Ssssh this list is perfect and true! 😛

  • Brendyn Zachary

    I think you’ll find Io is the best Dota character

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